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What We Do

CodeFluent’s mission is simple: tailored business applications, integrations, and extensions that are built to extend the value and functionality of the SAP Platform.

Building upon a 25+ year relationship with SAP, the CodeFluent team is well versed in Enterprise Business Applications and has worked with hundreds of reputable SAP customers. Through years of SAP Systems integration experience, the CodeFluent team has recognized opportunities for technology to further expand the value of SAP solutions.

With the advent of SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP), CodeFluent is now working within the SAP BTP platform to build value-added solutions and integrations for the SAP community.

As an SAP Gold Partner, CodeFluent is committed to building software that boosts the ROI and flexibility of our customers’ SAP investments.


SaaS Solutions

Accelerator applications built to integrate and extend SAP's Source-to-Pay and Supply Chain solutions for industry specific verticals. Built on SAP BTP.

SaaS Solutions


Public sector transparency portal.

SaaS Solutions

Collaborative Contracts

SaaS Solutions

SAP Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur Solutions

SaaS Solutions

SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network Solutions

SaaS Solutions

SAP Supply Chain Collaboration and Planning Solutions

BTP Consulting Services

Experts in designing, developing, and deploying integrations and extensions to solve your unique business requirements and use cases.

We solve for functional 'white' spaces and product gaps to personalize your deployment while keeping the SAP Core clean.

Expert BTP Consulting

Ariba ITK Migrations

Migrate your CSV master and transactional data transfers to SAP BTP Integration Suite.

Expert BTP Consulting


Optimize your supply chain, reduce risk, eliminate errors, and foster collaboration using BTP Integration Suite.

Expert BTP Consulting


Drive efficiency across your organization and reduce internal friction, improve usability, and adoption using BTP Business Application Studio.

Expert BTP Consulting


Enable intelligent decisionmaking and discover patterns to extract insights using RPA.

Design Principles

Built on SAP BTP Platform

Industry-Specific Accelerators

Mobile-First Approach

Cloud & Edge Solutions


Proven SaaS Capabilities

Enterprise SaaS created include BuyerQuest -- No1 mid-market eProcurement solution*

20 Years

as an SAP Partner with a deep understanding of the SAP ecosystem

25 Years Of Consulting

Services with a successful track record advising, implementing, and providing change management services.

Successfully implementing SAP solutions for hundreds of enterprise organizations

About Us

From the people who brought you BuyerQuest and Nitor Partners.

CodeFluent is a leading technical consultancy and SaaS app development firm focusing on Procurement, Supply Chain, and Business Network solutions.

Our expertise ranges from SAP integration and extension development to management and implementation of holistic transformations.


Our journey with SAP started with eProcurement in the late 1990’s.

Consulting Journey

In the ensuing 25 years, we implemented Supply Chain solutions at over 150+ Fortune 1000 companies, and created an award winning Source-2-Pay consulting company, Nitor Partners.

SaaS Success

Switching from consulting to SaaS: we launched BuyerQuest - an eProcurement SaaS solution. Designed for with a B2C focus and fully integrated with SAP-Ariba, it is the #1 mid-market Procure-2-Pay solution, with global deployments at marquee clients, including McDonalds, BASF, KimberlyClark, Saudi Aramco, Disney, and Chick-fil-A.


Combining our consulting DNA with SaaS expertise, Code Fluent emerges to accelerate the effectiveness, connectedness and visibility of supply chains of SAP’s customer base.



Nitor Partners




Join us in building the next generation of tools that make spend management easier to use and more engaging for our customers.

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